American Express online casino advantages

American Express, or AmEx, belongs to the oldest companies providing financial services for people residing in the USA and even overseas (in some cases).

When a gambler finds an American Express online casino, working with AmEx credit cards, they can be sure that they have chosen the safest and reliable site. The company will never work with a suspicious resource. Therefore, an online casino that accepts American Express can be trusted.

American Express online casino: how to get the card?

To gamble at American Express online casino, MasterCard AmEx card is required. For this one needs sufficient income. For the base card, this currently stands at 23,000 Euros or US dollars. To get the card, the client pays 20 Euros (dollars), and 70 Euros monthly fee. Not every applicant will receive the American Express without any problems.

Credit institutions may reserve the right to refuse applications for a credit card. So, AmEx holders are welcomed in many casinos — they are considered to be serious clients that have registered in a casino to bet high and have a serious game only.

AmEx for casino deposits

As it was mentioned, if an online casino accepts American Express, it is a very reliable resource. This casino also welcomes respected and trusted players. To choose this card as the default payment method is easy — it can be done during the registration process. The player should provide the AmEx number with the name written on the card, the expiration date of the card and the CVC code.

Once the gamer has determined the amount they want to deposit, they should check all this data again and confirm the transaction. The total sum will be immediately available on the account. Choosing an American Express online casino, the player can expect that no casino deposit fee is required. Nevertheless, it must be checked (some gaming resources can ask for 2-3%). The payment of winnings works just like the deposit. The player must provide the needed date and CVC.

Pros and cons of AmEx card for gamblers

The minus here is evident — online casino American Express card holders pay a fee every month (for the card, not for the casino). When this card is chosen, a player can also get their win with its help. It usually takes 5 to 7 business days. Most online casinos also ask their players for identification documents, which can slow down the process. However, the advantages that a player gets seem to be more attractive. They are:

  1. Special deposit bonus from American Express online casino;
  2. The highest security of all operations with money;
  3. Avoiding any scam casinos as AmEx does not deal with any of them.

The sum of a deposit by AmEx depends on the casino. Most casinos ask for 10-15 USD minimum and 50 thousand maximum.

American Express really cares about their customers. An AmEx client can expect individual support via telephone hotlines, e-mail or in the FAQ on the website. However, they can always call their bank, which has provided them with the card, to seek help and advice.