How to play Blackjack for real money?

Every player tried to play Blackjack for real money at least once. Its main advantage is the absence of a complex system of rules. Up to 8 decks can be used for distribution, the game can be played both with closed cards and open.

The main task of the player is to collect a combination containing more points than the croupier, but at the same time it should not exceed 21.

Blackjack Types

If you want to know how to play Blackjack online for real money, it is worth exploring the existing game options in more detail and select a good website.

The player chooses the option that they like most – a different number of decks can be used, and in this version dozens are missing.


The main difference that American Blackjack has online is that the winning combination must be collected on the first hand.

A standard deck is used. Players can bet on any of the selected boxes.


Another popular version of the classic Blackjack game online.

Its distinctive feature is that dealer cards are dealt openly. Draws are considered in favor of the dealer, the prize is paid in the amount of 1:1. There is no way to refuse the game, or use insurance.

Spanish 21

Despite the name, this game was invented not in Spain, but in America. To play Blackjack you need only 48 cards, tens, like jokers, are not used.

The goal is the same – to score maximum points not exceeding 21.


Classic play Blackjack for real money online is a game that is well known by the names (“Point” and “21”).

The deck uses 52 cards, the croupier gives out 2 cards to all participants first, then to themselves, leaving one of the 2 cards open. It is necessary to score the maximum number of points, not exceeding 21.

Six Deck

The rules are similar to the classic version, only 6 decks are used for distribution. There are insurance options corresponding to half the rate.

Winning for the player is paid at the rate of 3:2.

Double Exposure

Such Blackjack is popular thanks to a huge advantage for the player.

In the process of distributing cards, the croupier remains open.

Blackjack Switch

It is beneficial due to the distribution of cards simultaneously for 2 hands, but the dealer receives a standard two cards.

Accordingly, it is possible to transfer the second dealt cards, selecting the optimal combination for winning.

Tips to play blackjack for real money online

Blackjack online for free is an addictive game, the victory of which largely depends on luck. Most Internet establishments offer visitors the opportunity to play not only for real, but also bonus money. If you ask yourself where can I play and how profitable is it, the answer is below.

Those who decide to play for real money first of all can try demo games. They are a great opportunity to evaluate your own chances of success. Using the extra money, you can easily figure out the rules and develop a winning strategy.