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Category: Deposit variations

A variety of deposit methods in online casinos

Withdrawal and Deposit methods in online casinos have changed a lot over the years. At the beginning, there were mainly transfers and credit cards. All other methods did not exist or were simple and not allowed. This has changed radically and in the meantime, money can be paid in and out of the casino using almost every imaginable method.

If a gambler already wants to replenish their account to gamble, they can select any of the available online casino deposit methods and the desired bonus (very often, a bonus is given after the gamer makes the deposit, especially the first one).

Deposit methods in casinos online

The banking system in online casinos has changed a lot — now, various deposit methods can be picked. Everything depends on the gambler’s choice and on the offers of the picked casino. For instance, some European gambling resources do not work with popular PayPal, whereas Canadian and American playing sites like this online casino deposit method.

Recently, Bitcoin and some cryptocurrencies were added to the methods of deposits: now, gamblers can work only with cryptocurrencies. However, e-wallets still remain the choice №1.

Pay with e-wallets

All e-Wallets are casino deposit methods in which the transaction takes place purely digitally, i.e. without traditional bank accounts. Especially e-mails are used as a unique assignment. The big advantage of these methods is the speed with which transactions can take place. Many customers see additional benefits in terms of security.

Here the gambler can use one account with one password and have deposited there their credit cards or bank accounts. This stuff depends on the credit card data that is spread everywhere.

PayPal choice

The PayPal advantage is that the player works with the e-Wallets, which are almost never excluded from the bonus, unlike Skrill and Neteller.

At the same time, the gamer can really shop everywhere with the PayPal account. It is also very safe.

Instant bank transfers

Instant transfers (like Giropay) are comparatively new. Picking this variant from all existing methods of deposit, the player gets cash deposit on their account almost immediately.

This is the clear advantage of this method, which is also safe and effective.

Bitcoin — the best choice to make a deposit

Among all existing deposit methods, Bitcoin is the newest one. BTC can be exchanged into other currencies, and this cryptocurrency is handled without the intervention of banks. The customer must have a so-called Bitcoin client, as this system works through a peer-to-peer network. The payment process itself does not differ significantly from that with other currencies.

Typically, most online casinos rely on traditional payment methods such as e-Wallets, credit cards or multiple forms of bank transfers. Of course, there are some disadvantages, which players meet when picking cryptocurrency online casino deposit methods. Currently, not too many online casinos accept BTC. However, the advantages of this crypto deposit overweight the minuses:

  1. With BTC a player stays anonymous;
  2. With Bitcoin they can get additional bonuses and privileges;
  3. Choosing BTC deposit methods, they can also withdraw wins in crypto, and do it instantly.

Many gamblers sill consider bank cards the best reputable way to deal with casino banking, but even these gamblers start trying to use other methods of payment including Bitcoin, e-Wallets and instant bank transfers.