Feeling like being in a real casino using Live Dealer Blackjack

Online casinos offer gamblers a unique opportunity to play the best casino games.

The casino catalog provides gambling with live dealers. You can choose Live Dealer Blackjack in USA, which guarantees users an unforgettable pastime.

Features and basic principles of the game Live Dealer Blackjack

This game combines all the best from the real world and online casinos. You can play online Blackjack with live dealer directly from your own home. One of the main advantages of playing live blackjack is reliability. You can control every movement of the dealer. You can see how the cards are shuffled and sent to the shoes. This provides a feeling of security that you experience only in real casinos.

Key benefits for players:

  1. Transfer images in HD quality and select the angles of the game.
  2. Fascinating gameplay.
  3. Friendly interface.
  4. Interactive gaming environment.
  5. Participation in VIP Blackjack parties.

On top of that, it is possible to reconfigure the configuration of tables, as well as personalize the tables of Live Blackjack. The game easily adapts to any computer/mobile device choosing the optimal parameters for the screen.

How to play the exciting Live Dealer Blackjack game?

How to start playing live blackjack? Blackjack is available with various bets. To start playing, you must:

  • Open the lobby of a live casino. To do this, from the general lobby, go to the casino lobby and open the Live Casino tab;
  • Select the Live Dealer Blackjack and a table with the desired bets (the sum of the minimum and maximum bets per box is displayed);
  • Specify the number of boxes on which you want to play, and start betting (including additional bets).

There are some basic rules in Blackjack Live Dealer game:

Real live dealers work at the live blackjack tables, and there are 7 betting boxes available on each table. In live blackjack, 8 decks of 52 cards are used, which are periodically shuffled (cards are shuffled at the tables of the usual online blackjack after each hand).

If you have blackjack on the first two cards, you get a win at a 3:2 ratio. “Insurance” (available if the dealer has an ace open) is paid 2:1 if the dealer has blackjack. Double your bet with any two cards. You can split a pair once. When splitting aces for each new hand, only one additional card is dealt. Additional rates are also available.

Online Blackjack Live Dealer, like online Baccarat, is considered the most popular card game in online casinos. Live version of Blackjack has a powerful technological base, and differs in detailed visualization. Live Blackjack is as close as possible to playing in a real casino.

It is very simple to learn Live Dealer Blackjack rules, and a player using intuition and strategy can succeed in two ways. Live blackjack allows you to play against a real dealer and feel the atmosphere of a real casino without leaving your home.