Real possibilities when playing poker at Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

Live Dealer Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular poker game in the world. It is played in the largest competitions and poker tournaments.

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em is a casino game for all times that combines the best of Texas Hold’em Poker and more.

The main rules of Live Hold’em Poker

As in other types of Hold’em, players at Live Dealer Texas Hold’em Poker should try to make the best possible five-card combination to beat the dealer’s hand. Players get two cards on their hands, and then five more open common cards are laid out, which all players who participate in the hand can use to make a combination. To get a more comfortable viewing angle, choose between a classic and a 3D view.

The rules and process of the game consist of several stages:

  • to enter the game, players must place their chips on the Ante field (main bet). To make the game even more reckless, each player can put in addition to the Ante main bet an additional bonus bet, which will be won if the player collects a pair of aces or a higher combination after the first five open cards are dealt;
  • in Live Dealer Casino Hold’em the dealer hands out two open cards to the player, and two closed cards to himself/herself. After that, he/she puts on the table three open community cards. Both you and the dealer can use these three generic cards to make your own combination;
  • you must choose between a “Call” and a “Fold” in Live Dealer Casino Hold’em. To continue the handout, select “Call” and make a call that is equal to twice the size of your Ante. Select “Fold” to exit the hand. In this case, you lose the previously set Ante and bonus bet. Please note that in order to receive payment on your bonus bet you must select “Call”;
  • after you make a decision, the dealer will deal two more community cards (they are called “turn” and “river”). The dealer will also reveal two of their original cards.

To determine the winner, you and the dealer form the best possible combinations use any five of the seven available cards and then compare them.

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em popular FAQs

There are several FAQs that are very interesting for players who want to try playing Online Hold’em Live Dealer. The most interesting of them are:

  1. Is Live Dealer Casino Hold’em popular? Hold’em poker is one of the most popular games in live casinos, especially by the well-known developer Microgaming, as the game has an interesting gameplay and simple rules. It is worth considering the fact that it is very exciting to play in an online casino while sitting at home.
  2. Do I need special software for the game? No, this is not necessary, because any casino with a good reputation will necessarily include the Live Dealer Casino Hold’em in its range of games.
  3. Can I play the demo version of the game in free mode? Since the live casino games are new in the gambling industry and only gaining its popularity, the game with live dealers for free cannot be found on all sites. In those online casinos that do not have demo versions, there is an automated mode.
  4. Is it possible to play on mobile phone and tablet? Currently, an increasing number of sites and online casinos allow you to play Hold’em Poker with live dealers using mobile devices.

Undoubtedly, online poker is a profitable segment of the gambling market. Live Dealer Casino Hold’em is focused on an optimal price-quality ratio, and due to uniform demand for live card games, this game generates increased profitability and also gives players an excellent opportunity to win large sums of money and feel like in a real casino.