The peculiarities of online casino New Zealand games

Gambling in New Zealand has always been legal and, apart from some time restrictions. It is known that in the nineteenth century, betting on horse racing and boxing fights were popular among the local population.

According to statistics, in 2016 there are six gambling establishments and more than one thousand three hundred different gambling clubs in this island state. Also registered about sixteen thousand slot machines.

What are the governmental laws for New Zealand online casino

As can be seen from all of the above, the legislation on gambling in New Zealand has constantly changed. So, in 1981, the Boxingand Wrestling Act was adopted. Further, in 2003, the Gambling Act and the Racing Act were adopted. In 2005 and 2015, the Gambling Amendment Act was also adopted.

Gambling Act is the primary gambling law in New Zealand. It determines the classes of gambling in terms of cash costs and risks for players. This law also regulates the private gambling business.

New Zealand online casino games regulators

To control the gambling business of New Zealand, there are several government organizations that perform various functions.

Employees of the Department of Internal Affairs monitor:

  • Legal base of gambling.
  • Conduct licensing of casinos, excluding casinos; are engaged in informing and training citizens.
  • Ministry of Health officials oversee: financing and coordinating services to prevent gambling addiction; developing and planning measures to prevent gambling addiction and reducing harm from gambling to a minimum.
  • Gaming commission experts perform the following functions: issue licenses to casino gambling operators; coordination of agreements between casino gambling operators and gambling license holders; analysis of complaints and disputes related to the activities of the casino; calculation of the size of compensation payments for the treatment of gambling; determining licensing conditions for casino operators.

Some organizations control certain types of gambling. So, Racing Board and New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing solve all issues related to the conduct of horse racing, and the New Zealand Lotteries Commission controls the lottery.

The reasons to play online casino New Zealand

New Zealand does not allow organizing online casinos in the country. Players can legally play in international establishments whose servers are located abroad of the state. In addition, their winnings are exempt from income taxes.

Both offline and online, players prefer to play slots, lotteries and sports betting. Most bets on rugby, cricket, football and netball.

So players in New Zealand can safely choose and play the best online casino New Zealand legit for real money such as New Zealand dollars, as this is not prohibited by the state. But the law also says that it does not apply to gambling at online casinos on foreign sites. The reason for this is that New Zealand law cannot be enforced abroad.

Therefore, it is illegal for foreign companies to advertise their products on the Internet and foreign websites with casino games cannot launch their operations in New Zealand.