How does a Paysafecard casino method work?

The Paysafecard casino is the gaming site that agrees to accept a special prepaid card. This method of payment fundamentally differs from other online payment methods and thus represents an interesting gap in the market.

It is a serious alternative of all Paysafecard casinos. It is anonymous; however, it is still not accepted in all casinos. The anonymity of the bank data is a great advantage, but yet not all casinos are ready to deal with it.

How does a Paysafecard casino method work?

Each Paysafecard casino belongs to those casino sites that work with prepaid cards that anyone can buy in a store (such as a mobile prepaid card). There is a 16-digit number on the back of the card, which must be indicated when making a deposit. The Paysafecard is extremely easy to handle and the amount to be paid is immediately deposited. It is not bound to any account.

To use Paysafecard online casino method, the player must buy a card for 10 -100 Euros in the store. Then, when registering an account, it is needed to enter the card number. If a player wants to deposit more money in the casino with Paysafe, then they can buy more than one card. Often, however, the number of codes they can specify is limited for security reasons.

Pros and cons of Paysafecard

This is probably, the simplest and easy-to-get card for making a deposit in a Paysafecard casino. The other benefits of this payment method are evident:

  • It is secure and not tied to an account.
  • Deposits are made fast, so the gambler can start playing after a deposit.
  • The gambler does not have to give any bank details to a Paysafecard casino.

Nevertheless, the disadvantages here should be mentioned. If this card is chosen, it can be used only for replenishing the account. Withdrawing money, the player must find another convenient for them method. If stolen, there is no way to tell who this card really belongs to. That’s the other side of the coin. Another minus of this payment method is that it requires manual entry of a rather long code.

Basically, the use of the casino deposit Paysafecard card is free. At a reputable online casino, the player does not have to worry about personal data, including billing information, being used for illegal activities. Still, some players value the extra security a Paysafecard Casino offers. Actually, the usage of this card is always combined with another payment method as withdrawals cannot be done with it. Traditionally, e-Wallets are chosen (depending on the country of the player’s residence).