How does Roulette real money work?

If twenty years ago it was possible to play roulette for money only in the ground-based casino hall, then with the total spread of the Internet, everyone got access to it. Software developers for the gambling industry offer several versions of the well-known game, in different variations:

  • in slot format;
  • live version.

Each gamer can run the online roulette simulator online, even without registering for it in an online institution. At its discretion, to choose free or paid modes. True, for the second option you will still have to register in order to replenish your balance and easily withdraw winnings.

If the player chose the live format, then it is carried out only on a paid basis. But such a roulette game is preferred by more and more visitors, who are attracted by the unique atmosphere reigning in the process of video broadcasting, real sounds and noise emitted by a rotating wheel and a rustling ball. Money can be withdrawn through paypal.

How to play online Roulette real money: basic rules

The essence and rules over the past couple of centuries since its invention have not changed – you still need to guess where the ball will stop. For this there is a field with numbers and different variations of rates. You just need to choose the amount and a specific number, color or group of numbers, for example, 12 or even, or red, or something else.

As soon as the gamer is determined, presses the Spin / Start button. And then begins the rapid movement of the ball and the magical rotation of the wheel, which shows the numbers in black and red cells. As soon as they stop at one of the numbers, the wheel stops rotating and you can evaluate the result. If one of the assumptions was justified, then this bet was played and the prize in the appropriate amount will be paid to the balance.

If the goal is not to win, but just to have fun, then you can always play roulette for free. The essence remains the same, only virtual money will be used as a bet. Emotions with this type of entertainment are real, especially when the bet brings a win. And it does not matter that it is not real.

The main types of online Roulette for real money

Manufacturers of software for the gambling industry offer a variety of simulators called Roulette, and they all differ in bonuses and special chips and novelties, attracting all new customers to online casinos.

But, if you focus on the layout of the betting field and other features, you can play roulette online in European, French or American format. Separately allocated live – here the rules are not at all the same as for virtual simulators. We offer more details on each of the options for the game. Here is the review of App USA.

European Roulette online real money

The variant of the roulette, called the European one, is distinguished by simple rules – there is one rotating wheel and one ball.

The wheel inside is demarcated into sectors of red and black color, on which numbers from 1 to 36 are applied in random order.

French roulette

French roulette real money online looks very similar to the previous one, but its rules provide more rewards for the gamer.

That is why she has the least casino advantage of all the roulette options offered by online casino.

American roulette

The American version differs dramatically from the previous two.

First, it has a betting field with different markings and the location of sectors. And secondly, not 37, but 38 fields with different numbers are provided.